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Blackout poems – Stolen the week of 3/7/14

These are my poems from the week of March 7, 2014. Each week, I select the best of them and make them available in my online art shop as signed, limited edition prints starting at only $20.  This series was inspired by Austin Kleon, best-selling author of Steal Like an Artist, Newspaper Blackout and the new Show Your Work.

Going Mad

[quote]Going mad. A bewitching idea, an ungraspable sound we never see.[/quote]

Going Mad - blackout poem



[quote]Bring the clowns to the devil for admission.[/quote]

Clowns - blackout poem



[quote]Start great big art. It’s poetry with legs.[/quote]

Start - blackout poem


Remarkable Reason

[quote]Find new and exotic, remarkable reaason. There’s no logic. An unexplored frontier. Art.[/quote]

Remarkable Reason - blackout poem


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