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The Adventure of an Ingenious Life


Here is an excerpt from my chapter:

[quote type=”simple”]Sometimes you don’t know you’re on the right path until you are far enough along to look back. I never wanted to do anything other than make things and I never could have planned the trajectory that got me here. Looking back, of course it was right, it worked.

Twenty years ago, at the age of twenty-five, I took a risk and became a self-employed graphic designer. There was no big plan, I just thought that I could work fewer hours and have more time and resources for my art. As a designer, I have been very successful, but twenty years is a long time, and it has given me cause to reflect. What I didn’t anticipate was how busy I would become, and how hard it would be to also pursue my projects. It requires a lot of effort—you must structure your work and personal life in order to have time and energy to create.

You don’t need permission. Find what makes you happy, what drives you, and do it. Every day. Follow wherever it leads you.[/quote]


Astonishing. Unique. Odd. These are just a few words someone might use to describe an ingenious life. Others might say it’s an adventure ripe with fascinating people and interesting exploits.

We believe that the first step is an intention. What would you like to experience? How do you want to be remembered?


SPECIAL OFFER: Smartist Bundle – $29.95

Since the book includes 8 of my Stolen Blackout Poems, I’m offering a special deal to get the book, a signed 8×10 Ltd Ed. print of the poem of your choice ($20 value), and a downloadable pdf copy of the book.

The book will be released for Nook and Kindle later this year, but for those who wish to read on e-Reader now, I will provide a PDF download link with your Paperback purchase.[/infobox]

If you order from this site, it will come directly from me. If you prefer to purchase from Amazon, please use this link.

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