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Solargraphy is a form of pinhole photography. Exposures may be from days to months to years and will capture the arc of the sun throughout the course of the exposure. The craziest part about it is that it requires no chemical processing and yields images like the one above (shot through my bathroom window!). Over time a latent negative image simply appears on the negative (I use black and white photo paper as negatives and scan the resulting images). I reverse the images from negative to positive in Photoshop and adjust and correct as needed. The look of these images is not a Photoshop trick, it is the nature of solargraphy.

I make my cameras out of all sorts of containers ranging from 35mm canisters, to oatmeal cylinders, cookie tins, altoid tins… pretty much anything you can make light-tight can be turned into a camera.  The two pictured here were made from hemp protein containers…These make for great cameras, but shakes?  Not so much. Blech.

hemp protein container pinhole cameras