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Stolen Blackout Poems: 2/28/14

By Feb 28, 2014March 8th, 2014STOLEN Blackout Poems

Here are my blackout poems from last week. These are original poems made by redacting articles in various newspapers and magazines.  I make the best available as limited edition fine art prints, starting at only $20.


[quote]The Boogie Man and me started as a duo.[/quote]

Boogie - blackout poem

Fade Away

[quote]Take the edge off. Fade away into a soft drizzle.[/quote]

Fade Away - blackout poem

Sun Returns

[quote]Sun Returns. ‘It’s snow, it is snow!’ Nine-hour marathon home, Arrive early. Alarm will sound, followed by prayers. Yo, ATL.[/quote]

In rememberance of Carmageddon 2014. (aka Snowpocalypse)

Sun Returns - blackout poem

New York City

[quote]Passion. Ideas. New York City, like no other place, inspires more.[/quote]

Limited ed. prints are available here.

New York City -  blackout poem

I rock.

[quote]I rock hard. Look close, ignore the temptation and head toward the light. Your will be found. Word.[/quote]

Limited ed. prints are available here.

I Rock - blackout poem



[quote]Bobbing in a light. Mouth-to-mouth in the the night. Addictive.[/quote]

Bobbing - blackout poem



[quote]In this country, experience forgoes subtle.[/quote]

Experience - blackout poem


Take the Ferry

[quote]Every artist could use a reason to travel. Take the ferry.[/quote]

Take the Ferry - blackout poem


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