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New Blackout Poems

By Nov 1, 2013March 10th, 2014STOLEN Blackout Poems

These are original poems I created by redacting articles from a newspapers with a pen. The original pieces arescanned and digitally processed.  The best from this series are available as signed, limited edition prints in my art shop.

WD40 and Duct Tape

For all my artist friends, this one’s for you!

WD40 and Duct Tape - blackout poem by Jodi Hersh


And for all my writer friends, this one is for you!  This one is actually available as signed limited edition prints.

Reinvigorate - blackout poem by Jodi Hersh

Choose Wisely

Think about it… This one is also available as prints.

Choose Wisely - blackout poem by Jodi Hersh

Be Messy

Clean desks are overrated. Prints available here.

Be Messy - blackout poem by Jodi Hersh

Impeccable Ethics

Congress, this one’s for you!

Impeccable Ethics - blackout poem


Genius - blackout poem

Free and Beautiful

Limited edition prints available here.

Free and Beautiful - blackout poem by Jodi Hersh


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