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The Gate Called Beautiful

By Oct 22, 2013March 8th, 2014Photography
Beautfiul - pinhole photograph

Finally. I finally got a decent pinhole shot of this gate!  I pass this place in downtown Decatur just about every day and have been trying for quite some time to make a pinhole photo of it. It’s a really cool old building and the gate has the word “Beautiful” across it.  It is beautiful… and the idea for it comes from a fabled gate in Jerusalem; the Gate Called Beautiful. Here’s a bit more info about it.

I have shot here several times before but didn’t get good results.  There is often a food trailer parked blocking access, too, which makes it even more difficult. I’m not giving up yet, I will continue shooting here until I get what I’m after.

Signed, limited edition archival prints are available here.  You can find more of my pinhole photos here.

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