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My interview with Vanessa Lowry for Art as Worship

By May 24, 2014May 11th, 2016News
newspaper blackout poem - an unexplained frontier: art

I was recently interviewed by Vanessa Lowry for the Art as Worship website and it has just been posted.  We talked about inspiration and creativity as a form of spiritual expression.

It was an interesting experience because I don’t really think of myself as a spiritual person. I wasn’t sure the questions would resonate with me, but I surprised myself by how much they did.

I’m all about learning, inspiring, improving, and creating. I think everything is connected and we are the sum of our thoughts and actions and everything we consume. I try to be authentic, positive and kind. I find positive energy creates more positivity and negativity has negative impact. Quality in, quality out.

Read the full interview


The Art as Worship radio show is currently on hiatus but they continue to feature artists’ written words describing the connection between their art and their spirituality. Previous radio interviews are also archived on the site and available for listening.


[infobox]Book Cover - The Adventure of an Ingenius Life

FYI, Vanessa and I are co-authors in the collaborative book The Adventure of an Ingenious Life.





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