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New Abstract Photo Work

By Apr 28, 2014Photography
abstract photo collage

A few years ago, I started saving the little strips of photos that get trimmed off in my flush mount framing process.  I didn’t really have a plan for them, just thought that individually, they looked like trash, but collectively they were pretty interesting.

abstract photo collage

As an experiment, I separated out all the red pieces and glued them together as a collage which then sat around my studio unfinished for years. Last summer I finally finished it with an epoxy resin pour and handmade floater frame.  I made another with yellow and neutral tones and showed them at Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland Summerfest — and whaddya know… they were a hit.

abstract photo collage

abstract photo collage

Recently, I’ve intentionally started cutting up prints and making more of these photo collages and will have them with me at this year’s Virginia-Highland Summerfest if everything continues to go as planned.

abstract photo collage abstract photo collage

It’s a pretty simple process:

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  • Pre-cut backing board to which I glue the strips
  • Cut up photos into small strips
  • Apply glue and photo strips to the backing board
  • When dry, trim the edges of the photo strips off with a sharp blade so they are flush to the board.
  • Mix and pour epoxy resin over the entire collage surface
  • Frame (I build my own floater style frames)


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  • Sarah Alden says:

    Hi Jodi,
    Its been great to get your emails- lots if exciting stuff! Ive been waylayed with lots of life stuff but am finally getting started again with my website and project. I am aiming to have website text in your email inbox by end of next week. Quick question though– are the two collage pieces above (red and yellow rectangular) for sale? If so, what is the price? I love them. Thanls

    • Jodi Hersh says:

      Hi Sarah! Great about your website, I look forward to picking up where we left off. Unfortunately, those two pieces already sold (shortly after I made them). I have others like that I can email you photos of. I can also make more red and yellow ones if those colors are what you want. No two pieces are the same, of course, but they would be similar to the ones you see here. They are priced ~$95-$195 depending on the size. Those two were $125, I think. Talk to you soon! – Jodi

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