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New Abstract Photo Work

By Apr 28, 2014Photography
abstract photo collage

A few years ago, I started saving the little strips of photos that get trimmed off in my flush mount framing process.  I didn’t really have a plan for them, just thought that individually, they looked like trash, but collectively they were pretty interesting.

abstract photo collage

As an experiment, I separated out all the red pieces and glued them together as a collage which then sat around my studio unfinished for years. Last summer I finally finished it with an epoxy resin pour and handmade floater frame.  I made another with yellow and neutral tones and showed them at Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland Summerfest — and whaddya know… they were a hit.

abstract photo collage

abstract photo collage

Recently, I’ve intentionally started cutting up prints and making more of these photo collages and will have them with me at this year’s Virginia-Highland Summerfest if everything continues to go as planned.

abstract photo collage abstract photo collage

It’s a pretty simple process:

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  • Pre-cut backing board to which I glue the strips
  • Cut up photos into small strips
  • Apply glue and photo strips to the backing board
  • When dry, trim the edges of the photo strips off with a sharp blade so they are flush to the board.
  • Mix and pour epoxy resin over the entire collage surface
  • Frame (I build my own floater style frames)


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