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Shallowford Bridge Series on display at the Iron Bridge Cafe & General Store in Blue Ridge, GA

By Dec 1, 2012March 8th, 2014Photography, Shows & Events
Shallowford Bridge Pinhole Photograph

I just delivered a new batch of pinhole and TTV photos of the Shallowford Iron Bridge and the Toccoa River to the Iron Bridge Cafe & General Store in Blue Ridge, GA!

Iron Bridge Cafe & General Store
8436 Aska Road
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Open Wed-Sun: 8am-4pm



Pinhole Photography

Pinhole photography is photography at its most basic. Pinhole cameras can be made from any light-tight container by making a small “pinhole” in it that will serve as the lens. The shutter is simply a piece of black tape you open/close by hand. The images are usually very wide angle with a soft dreamlike quality.

I make many of my cameras out of Altoids tins. I use black and white photo paper as negatives, process them in the darkroom, then scan and invert them to positive in the computer.



TTV (through the viewfinder) Photography

TTV (through the viewfinder) is a photographic technique in which a photo is shot with one camera through the viewfinder of a second camera.

Typically this is done with a digital SLR (I use a digital Canon SLR) shooting through the viewfinder of a twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera. (I use an Argus.)  I use a cardboard tube or similar contraption to connect the two cameras. This serves to eliminate stray light and prevent reflections appearing on the viewfinder glass or on the lens of the imaging camera.

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